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PLATINA is my public platform located at Tegnérgatan 4 in Stockholm.
Here I run a gallery and have a studio. 1999 I opened it up for the public at Odengatan in Stockholm together with two friends, Åsa Skogberg and Marie-Helen Bornhall. Since 2009 I run PLATINA myself and cooperate with many. In  2021 PLATINA moved to Tegnérgatan 4 in Stockholm.

During the years we have been working internationally with amazing artists and clients from all over the world.  The interior was designed by the Swedish architect group OUR. Their assignment was awarded 2001with the prize for best interior design by Swedish design magazine Forum. 2013, 12 years later, Sofia Björkman was awarded by the organisation Svensk Form, for the work she has done with the gallery.  The gallery is supported by The Swedish Arts Council.

PLATINA Stockholm AB
Tegnérgatan 4, 113 58 Stockholm
PHONE: + 46 8 300280 or + 46 739 805906


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