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The Landscapes series involves works that have been made with layers of three-dimensional drawings that are transformed into jewellery, objects, and wall pieces. All of them are one of a kind and made with a 3d pen, a technique that shall not be mistaken for digital technology. The used materials are PLA and acrylic paint. PLA is a filament used for 3d printing. It is a bioplastic derived from renewable biomass, from fermented corn starch. The material is light and flexible so despite the larger sizes, pieces are therefore portable and wearable. The series is my way to create landscape paintings.




Once I had a conversation with a person. I said that I find it difficult to make something that looks wild. The person then replied: I went out to look for horns, and when I came back, I found everything in a mess. I wonder what the bird has done. The sentences stayed with me, and I started to make drawings with a 3d pen. It saticfied me and in a way, I thought the result looked wild. I turned the drawings into jewellery and showed them to a another person who asked: what have you done? I just answered: I wonder what the bird has done? So, it became the title.



During the pandemic 2020, I read in a book about craft and satisfying working methods from 1957, that basket weaving is an ideal activity for difficult and anxious times. It is a suitable method for therapy because it calms one down at the same time as it provides stimulation. I read further that with a little practice and skill, beautiful works can be made, works that not only provide relaxation but also provide financial return. For perfect results, however, constant renewal of the working material and working method is required. I started then to work with basket weaving, or more correctly, I was inspired by it but used another technique. The material I use is biodegradable and looks like wood, feels like wood and smells like wood. It is a mixture of wood and PLA which is a natural material that is usually made from different types of starch, such as corn. Instead of weaving, I melt the wood material and draw with it.



An old press photo shows a man holding up a display with a collection of jewelry, pins, pendants, and brooches in the shapes of shells and other finds from the sea. On the back of the photo there is a quote: “Sometimes nature doesn’t produce the perfection people seem to want”. I started to make perfect work, but did I succeed? The result was jewellery and objects in the form of wire-like skeletons of other animals from the sea, most fishes. The material is polycarbonate, the same which is used in plastic water bottles. For what animals on earth other than us humans, create environmental pollution or use our political preferences to create art, jewelry, photographs with a striving for less pollution/ a sustainable and perfect world? What have we done?